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About group of companies

Alvaz Group is an association of transport-forwarding enterprises, each of which has its own advantages and experience in international shipment by types of cargoes.

The structure of companies in Ukraine:

Ltd “Alvaz Logistics” provides professional service to arrange international shipment of general cargoes. The staff of the company are specialists with great experience in the field of international shipment:

§     General cargoes

§     Cargoes, any classes of danger

§     Oversized and heavy-weight cargoes

§     Bulk cargo types

Ltd “Medlogistics” is a transport-forwarding company specialized in international shipment of goods for medical purpose by any kind of transport, namely:

§       Raw materials to produce medicines including ADR,

§       Medical devices of different types, including high-precision equipment requiring particular conditions of transportation,

§       All types of medical supplies, and also medicines, requiring temperature-controlled environment,

§       Veterinary drugs and supplies.

It doesn’t matter what cargo you have, all customers of Alvaz Group get:

-         Complete assistance of international cargo shipment: necessary paperwork, arrangement of cargo transportation, solutions of logistic tasks, fast resolution of problems

-         Personal service: co-working will be exactly correspondent the demands of your business

-         Without any bothers: we have already found reliable partners for your brokers, carriers, shipping lines and we have signed agreements with them on use of professional services

-         Attention to details: our great experience in transportation of oversized, heavy-weight and bulk cardo types has an impact on our special attention to even tiny details in arrangement of any processes, that lets us solve most of problems before they become a trouble

-         Off the beaten track logistic solutions: our staff, skilled and qualified in shipment by different types of transport, include ferry service or transport change en route, are flexible on the solutions to your desired objectives.

Air transportation

Air transportation is one of fastest and safest ways to deliver your cargo. Alvaz Group has got a great experience in air transportation of different cargoes and accompanying functions; we also ought to provide any services implicated to this type of delivery all way long from the pick-up point to the final destination. We’re co-working with most of airlines represented all over the world.

Railway transportation

R/w transportation provides shipment of large consignments for long distances. After the maritime transport it takes the second cheapest place compared to other types of transport. Developed railway net provides the delivery of large consignments to most parts of Europe and CIS countires. Various nomenclature of freight cars lets arrange the shipment of different cargo types: bulk, packed-piece, heavy weight and also oversized.

Customs brokerage services

Here is just a partial list of services we are able to provide to optimize the customs clearance of your goods: to consider and choose the optimal variant of customs clearance procedures, to find appropriate HS code, to prepare all necessary permissive documentation or price conclusions for the goods, to calculate and pay customs duties, to issue customs declaration, to provide service of customs-licensed warehouses.

Container shipping

Convenience of cargo shipping in different types of containers determined increasing growth of this sipping section for the last decades. All companies in Alvaz Group co-operate under the direct conracts with all leading sipping lines, such as Maersk Line, CMA CGM, MSC, COSCO, OOCL, ZIM, Hapag-Lloyd, Arkas and many others. Developed network of partners and agents in different countries.

Transshipment and
stuffing of cargo

There are often situations when a cargo shipper doesn’t have any opportunity or enough experience to load the cargo in containers, or the consignment is being formed from different resources and needs to be stored in portside zone with following organization of container shipping. We are able to arrange such works close to Odessa seaport.

Road transportation

There is a great amount of agreements with owners of truck and operation companies, that lets Alvaz Group provide road transportation of any cargo types to international distances from/to the Black Sea and the Baltic sea ports as soon as possible and for the good price. Road transportation is one of the most available and convenient types of shipping.

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